Within this section you will find JCQCIC forms for Access Arrangements, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration.  

From 1 September 2018 Functional Skills qualifications were no longer covered by the JCQ publication Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments.

In light of this, the following JCQ forms were withdrawn:

Form 1:             Application for Access Arrangements

Form 7:             Application for Modified Papers

Form 8A:           Assessing Candidates for Access Arrangements

Form 9:             Arrangements permitted by the centre

Form 11:           Notification of Access Arrangements - ELC qualifications*

Form 12:           Application for Access Arrangements - ELC qualifications


The relevant awarding body/bodies should be contacted regarding the administrative arrangements for Functional Skills qualifications.  

*Form 11 has now been withdrawn in paper format and can be found with other online forms within the Centre Admin Portal (CAP).

Title Click to download
Personal data consent, Privacy Notice (AAO) and Data Protection confirmation Download Word
Form 2: Scribe Cover Sheet Download Word
Form 3: Practical Assistant Cover Sheet Download Word
Form 4: Word Processor Cover Sheet Download Word
Form 5: Braille Transcript Cover Sheet Download Word
Form 6: Communication Professional cover sheet Download Word
Form 6A: Language Modifier Download Word
Form 8: Application for Access Arrangements - Profile of learning difficulties Download Word
Form 10: Application for special consideration Download Word
Form 13: Cover Sheet - ELC qualifications Download Word
Form 14: Self Certification Form Download Word
Form 15: Notification of Lost Centre Assessed Work Download Word
Form VQ EA Download Word
Form VQ IA Download Word
Form VQ SC Download Word
Application for an Exemption Download PDF