The JCQ A2C programme will provide an industry standard of electronic data transfer for awarding organisations, MIS providers and centres to adopt. The aim is that sharing product and learner data will become easier and systems will become more efficient as processes become streamlined. NCFE, national Awarding Organisation, recognises the benefits that A2C will bring for our customers and we’re very excited to be involved in this project.

To make A2C happen, we’ve put a dedicated project team in place who’ve been going through the JCQ specification documents to build a compatible solution using our existing internal systems. The team have engaged with our customers to make sure the system is fully responsive to their needs and have also worked closely with Capita and Compass to ensure that our solution is compatible and supported by MIS providers.  Once our solution is available, centres will be able to register to use A2C via NCFE when they and their chosen MIS provider are ready.

Making the move to A2C may seem a difficult transition for centres, but don’t worry, NCFE and the MIS providers are ready to provide support every step of the way.  We recognise that due to a variety of reasons, not all centres will make the transition to A2C immediately and that’s fine! We’ll continue to support our customers who want to stay on a non-A2C route (eg our portal) until they’re ready to make the switch.

As always, we’re keen to hear our customers’ views and would like to know how these changes will affect you and your centre. Please get in touch by emailing or giving us a call on 0191 239 8000.

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Update 30/9/15

NCFE has been functionally complete for a number of months and has been waiting for MIS providers to be available to finish integration testing.  During this time the project has been impacted by decisions from AQA and Pearson to not go live in September, and this has resulted in Capita FHE also pausing their go live.

While the development team has been focused on A2C, other internal projects at NCFE have been affected with the potential risk of impacting our business plan goals.

In order to mitigate this risk to NCFE the senior management team has had to respond accordingly; the external factors of the A2C project have been reviewed, taking into consideration the reduction of AOs and the current availability of MIS providers to undertake an end-to-end test and pilot.

After discussion, the PSG has made the decision to reduce the development team and to focus on other high priority projects.  The reduced resource will remain committed to the project and will be involved in any discussions such as with Capita SIMS and their VQ development.  This will ensure that we retain subject knowledge and are aware of any potential changes. 

This has been a difficult decision to make, however the senior management team believes that this is the most effective outcome to satisfy our internal projects and A2C commitments.  Discussion around the benefit of going live on version 2 early in 2016 or to wait until version 3 is still being held, however this is subject to the availability and progress of the other organisations involved.